Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Von & Vin growing up

well, the madness is over but the crazyness is just getting started!

aside from tags from friends, we have no pictures of anything yet. let me just share the growing up AVP by James Limsoc and his team which made our grand entrance grander that it already is... :)

Cheers to James and Team! You guys are the best! Looking forward to the rest of the pics!

Friday, August 19, 2011

its time...

"Since January 1, 2010, we've been praying for good weather on August 20, 2011. Tomorrow, we'll be claiming the Lord's promise. Join us as we pray for the best weather tomorrow. We believe that prayers can move mountains... ours, can stop the rain. Thank you." -Vonx & Vin.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 days to go - ratrat-ing DIYs

Daycheck: 8-17-2011 1:59AM - 3 days til the our day!

3 days... parang SM 3 day sale nalang... we know how fast time flies right? the rest is history before we even know it.

I've been in Nova since Saturday AM. I went home Sunday night only to leave again early Monday morning. I miss my mom sooo much, more than words, more than anything, more than I can express. The thought of not seeing her and being with her everyday never fails to bring me to tears. And yes, a tear landed on my cheek just now. I'm still in the process of figuring out how to deal with these emotions. I'm guessing, I won't be able to figure things out but I've got to let destiny take its course.

On a lighter note, I've been busy with last minute DIYs (for those who don't know, DIY stands for Do It Yourself) to keep my mind and heart occupied from my impending loneliness and happiness.

Von and I were able to finish most of the things that needs to be done. Our ceremony and reception program had been finalized, we just need to iron out a few last minute details. Our grand entrance surprise is in the works. And, I'm mostly done packing the things that we would need to bring on the day. No, not my things from home. I need a stronger heart for that and I don't have the will just yet.

Amongst the happy things, DIY stuffs that has been accomplished are the ff:

 Original plan for these fans is to dye them black. However, ayaw kumapet ng jobos so uwe sa ribbon at bulaklak. Hehe! Well at least, the guests will have fans kase the sun will be tirik na tirik on that day. Right Lord? Amen!

gifts for ninangs
 No, these aren't wines. We bought hand purses for the ninangs and placed them in this cute paper bags. We DIY'ed the gift tags.

for our moms
 Syempre mawawalan ba ang aming mga mother dears? Syempre hinde! Mawalan na lahat, wag lang si mama! =)

ties for the boys - groomsmen and secondary sponsors
 Of course, we can't DIY the ties diba?! Hinde ako gnun ka mapangyarihan. Gift tags are still specially made.

love gift for our Pastor
We have yet to wrap our gifts for the ninongs and von's dad since wala pa kme mkitang sing cute na paper bag like that of the ninangs.

fascinator for the MOH and the FG

more fascinators for the girls - bridesmaids and secondary sponsors
I ordered black and red and black and purple fascinators for the girls.

taper candles (or whatever they call it!)
 We bought cheap candles and I just decorated them like this. Though we wont be having a Unity Candle ceremony, our Pastor requested for candles to be lighted in the altar during the ceremony.

refreshments as place cards
Tipid mode. We didnt order bottomless drinks from the caterer so we opted to use drinks as place cards para double purpose.

Instead of the traditional guestbook, we'll have guests sign these notecards and hang them in a beaded curtain that will be setup in the reception area. Extra entertainment, while they wait for the reception to start.

just married banner
For pictorial purposes, syempre! Then we'll tie it on Stacey's back pg pauwe na. Papansin effect. Lol!

 And... ang aming ultimate stress reliever at stress giver in one. Playtime with Vientong!

We'll be turning over the plans to our coordinator when we meet later. Hopefully, we just have to finish packing everything we need then organize the money that we'll be bringing then I can go HOME!!!

I'll be home until Friday morning... After that, I've got to get used to calling another place home. A place with no mama but with a husband. Emotions... kinda hard to figure them out eh?

Sigh... Yey! Sigh... Yey! Sigh..................

Friday, August 12, 2011

last day

and so it begins...

Friday. today is our last day. tomorrow marks the start of our wedding leave.

best wishes and congratulations have been given yesterday. and food too!

thanks CMS team! you guys are amazing!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

special delivery

something very very special has been delivered today.

fits perfectly sa trunk ni stacie

tara lets open.....

ahehehe teka... tsaka na daw sabe ni stacie!

Day of his birthday, our ever dearest designer, Boy Kastner Santos of Sheaths Couture, went out of his way to meet us and deliver this very special package. True sign of professionalism, commitment, passion to his craft and love for his clients. After the hell (well hell is a strong enough word, let me rephrase) After my dissatisfaction with my previous gown supplier (itago nlng nten cla sa pangalang CLC), Tito Boy has proven to be such a blessing. I remember when I was still scouting for someone to replace the first supplier, I told Tito Boy that he just might be the answer to my prayers. He said, "oo baka ako na nga!". And he was. No wonder a lot of brides love him.

I can't rave enough about how good a heart Tito Boy has, in terms of the gown, well it'll speak for itself in its due time.

To Tito Boy, happy birthday! I'm super sure you'll reach the top. Talbog silang lahat! And you won't be alone when you get there. =) In my own little way, I'll do my best to help you. Un sinabe ko sau kanina, I'll really do that, until forever or til you'll want me too. Again, thank you! You're blessed.